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South by due east 

March 9th ill be on the bill at Dan electros for the South by due east music festival.Stage time is 8;30 .A long time friend drummer Joe Jowers will be joining me.Playing some new music with a few old album tracks you haven't heard quite like this.See you soon and always 

New Album Release Date  

 The new singles  will be available soon.i ll be sending everyone signed up on the mailing list .an exclusive,along with a video short behind the scenes look at the process.I look forward to sharing the live performance showcase date soon to be anounced

Wasi @Mkt Bar Phoenicia 9.12.13 

Love the music great crowd and dining ,warm stage and a passionate performance this Thursday 9.12.13Mkt Bar phoenicia 

this week Aug 25th 

Love you Madly Tonight paying a solo set smooth of some orginal and new musicbeen Hanging out with Daren Hitower and Mocha of play it forward. a verycool progect donating and teaching music and art to children   ill be at Cafe Luxor tonight Sunday)8.25.13!!! 9 till 12 and Flora and muse this Tuesday 7 till 10 with a new show and tunesAlso playing this Wednesday Aug 28th  at Super happy funland boutt 9;30 for the I… Read more

Wasi solo at Mkt bar Phoenicia Podcast

This Thursday 7.25.13  I'll be playing a soulfully jazzy blend and  blues twist of Familiar songs and acoustic versions of originals .Join me at MKT Bar  8 till 11 pmwww.phoeniciafoods.com/locations/mkt-bar/www.facebook.com/MKTBARHOUSTONHip wine and beer bar offering light bites and an urban relaxed setting

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Love ya Madly!!!!!!!!