For the last few weeks, I've dedicated my attention to all things WASI & MADLOVE, a band with one of the most innovative styles coming out of Houston, with the exception of Sydney Jane and the Jane-ettes ( but those girls are a whole 'nother story and my other most favorite band from the H).  I've been following WASI & MADLOVE for more than a minute and I have made it my personal goal to get the word out about these up and coming musicians.  Think of me as the kid from "Almost Famous" - because that's pretty much what's happening with WASI & MADLOVE.  In a series of posts, I will be "spotlighting"  all the members of the band and there's no better place to begin than with WASI TOWNSEND, the frontman and mastermind behind this trio. 

WASI TOWNSEND has been kicking it around Houston for many, many years.  If you throw a stone, I'm sure you'll find someone with a Wasi encounter/story.  But, Wasi isn't originally from these parts; in fact, he hails from Long Island, New York.  Wasi picked up the guitar at 19 and so began a life long love affair with music and songwriting.  His first album called "The First Five" with the band SNOWSHOE AND LEWIS introduced Wasi as a folk rocker with pared down "everyman" lyrics to songs such as "Breezy System," "Do Your Thing," and "Its Going Down."  By 2006,  looking to approach music in a more disciplined way, Wasi studied audio engineering and production and subsequently released a solo body of work titled "Dark Noise."  With this album, Wasi explored the human relationship between pain, fear, and the self.  It was during this time Wasi began experimenting with smooth lush chords, jazz rock rhythms, and melody based guitar that has evolved into his signature sound.  And this sound is the very reason why I have been following Wasi and Madlove.  They are filling in what is missing in the current climate of rock and roll and what's missing is that angst, that darkness, the edge, which great rock bands of the past such as Nirvana and Sound Garden and Jane's Addiction gave to rock fans in the 90's.  I mean, I can't be alone in the sea of rock n roll lovers when I say the American Idol brand of homogenized "happy" rock n roll must go. GO!

Yet, I digress.  In his own words,  Wasi proclaims - "I want to be larger than life and then show people that we are all the same." The paradox of greatness wrapped in humility is a theme running through his songwriting.  I am, for one, looking forward to the anticipated new album with MADLOVE, coming soon.  And, check out the commentary from other music aficionados around Houston (just to prove I'm not the only one hip and loving this special brand of musician):

"The classiest person I know in this business... and with a musical skill set to match. I'm proud to call him a friend."
Arthur Yoria

"Wasi is one of Houston's finest musical talents....professional yet smooth, with a sophisticated song selection making him a great fit with a glass of champagne."
Dru Rey
General Manager
Cha Champagne & Wine Bar

"Great energy, smooth voice, a variety of sounds and just a pleasure to work with! I have booked Wasi for several different style events and he has delivered each and every time. 5 star recommendation!" -
Kory S. Hinton
General manager
Ra Sushi

"Talented, truly! You're a bad ass musician and you are great at your craft."
Evan Lovett

Ok, so there you have it, WASI TOWNSEND of WASI & MADLOVE.  If you know what I'm talking about, please by all means spread the word and post to a friends wall.  If you wandered in, hopefully you'll be intrigued to click the link below and check out the website.  WASI & MADLOVE play all over town so get hip and be ready to have your eyes and ears opened!

for more info about WASI & MADLOVE go here:

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