A soulfully haunting and melodically heavy,emotional groove.Wasi Townsend and Madlove releasing  an EP May 17th 2013.
(Mad Live). Wasi's voice has been described as powerfully dark, sultry and wild,he performs with raw emotion reminiscent of artists like Tom Waits and Nina Simone, delivering positive messages about the awesomeness of creation and the oneness of us all.

Born on March 8th in Long Island, New York, Wasi picked up the guitar at 19 and has never stopped writing. Wasi proclaims - "I want to be larger than life and then show people that we are all the same." The paradox of greatness wrapped in humility is a theme that spans his writings. His first album "The first 5" in 2005 with band Snowshoe and Lewis introduced Wasi as a folk-rocker with every day journey charged lyrics with songs like "Breezy System " Do Your Thing" and "It's Going Down". Soon after the band breaking in 2006, Wasi began studying audio engineering and production to release a solo body of work titled " Dark Noise" which explored his need to confront and understand pain, fear and himself.

With soulful jazz rock rhythms and melody based guitar, the smooth lush chords and altered time signatures are his intriguing method to sound and movement. You must experience this artist!!  He is not your ordinary rock star, but he rocks nonetheless. His up and coming November 2011 acoustic EP release,
Black Sea, tells human stories of the ache to break through the mundane in relationships.

I have dedicated my time to the advancement of music in the Houston area by throwing showcases that feature Texas local music, assisting other bands with promotion and booking, and providing live audio support for the live music forum. Performing with such acts as Electric Attitude, The Liquid Kitchen, Desmond Zavala, Kam, Studemont, The Ton Tons, Riff Tiffs, , Ozeal, Peekaboo Theory, Shina Rae, and many others, Wasi and Madlove is still on a mission to raise awareness for Texas local music.


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